Out of the Window is the fifth chapter of Part II in Max Payne 2.


Mona lands safely in the room below, and suddenly hears Max on her headset asking her to call the police, but Mona tells him she's a fugitive and turns him down. She then goes out an opening in the side of the building on to a scaffolding and gets a view of the surrounding construction site as she hears Max over the radio once again, this time telling her that the condemned building he's in is blowing up.

She then goes to the other side of the semi-constructed building and just as Mona reaches another opening and view of the site, she sees Max jumping out of the window as flames rush out after him and knock him off of a bar he was clinging to. Max falls to the ground and is briefly knocked unconscious but slowly comes around as Mona notices several Cleaners rushing in from the other side of the open area of the construction site.

As Max attempts to get himself out from the debris that fell on top of him, Mona shoots at their attackers from her perch on the side of the building, and when he finally gets free and runs across the area to a door to the building Mona is in, she continues to cover him from incoming Cleaners. When he learns that the door is locked and has to cross the courtyard to another door, more Cleaners come in but Mona can't get them in her sights from where she is, so she backtracks across the building to the other opening to get a better shot.

Covering Max as he works his way across the yard, Mona snipes several more Cleaners until Payne reaches another locked door and Mona has to go around to cover him from a better spot once again. Max reaches the door but, like the others, it's locked as well but he then spots a nearby gate to another courtyard and tells Mona that he's headed for it. Mona then finds a way to get through the building to the side closest to where Max is headed, and when she drops into another room on the floor below her, the chapter concludes.

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  • Painkillers can be found in a seperated room at the beginning of the level to the right side of the first scaffolding, but the player has to access it carefully. Using shootdodge is the most efficient way.


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Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Out of the Window (HD)

Max Payne 2 - A Binary Choice - Out of the Window (HD)

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