Max has found out that Vladimir Lem was plotting to kill him, so he wishes to confront and kill Vlad.


You will see three Russian soldiers watching Captain Baseball Bat boy, and they mention that Vlad had left something for Vinnie Gognitti, mentioning "tick, tick, tick, tick, KABOOM!". They spot Max and tell him to leave, to which Max refuses, and he starts attacking the soldiers, until Mike the Cowboy warns his soldiers that Max might be attacking Vlad. Enter the double doors on the far right, and fight another group of Russian Soldiers, to find painkillers stashed. After entering the center room through a door on the left, you will find several Russians on the ground and one on the balcony with a Striker. Stay hidden, as the Striker will be a threat. After killing several soldiers, either shoot the Russian, or hide in the lower balcony, and elude him, as he will no longer appear either way. Enter the double doors on the far left, and face another group of Russians, and enter a door on the right, and head up the stairs to find another Russian. There is a bomb near him. Shoot the bomb, and proceed. There will be two more Russians plotting to ambush Max. Shoot them, but watch out for the bombs near them! Then enter to the next room, and hit another bomb, and it will blow a hole in the wall to a huge set of staircases. Kill the Russian with the MP5, then kill the Cleaner on the far end. Work your way down, and shoot a few more Russians, and Cleaners. Then you'll find a garage with cleaner's vans, and jumpsuits. Face a set of hallways with Cleaners, then go down the stairs, and find Mike back turned near a recorder. Kill Mike and you are home free!


Max will figure out that Winterson had been in league with Vlad the entire time, by listening to a message explaining that she is headed to the construction site.

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