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New York Minute (mode) is an arcade stylish mode within all three games, in which players have to beat a chapter without their timer running out of time.

In Max Payne, the purpose was to simply kill as many enemies, and evacuate as soon as humanly possible. Otherwise when time ran out, Max would be instantly killed off.

In Max Payne 2, the player has to beat the scenarios, (chapters) as fast as the players can. The whole objective is to do this, so that you can post the time it took you to complete it onto the records of this mode.

In Max Payne 3, the player has to kill the enemies and proceed with the mission as fast as possible. Getting headshots will gain the player more time than a normal kill. After a chapter has been completed in New York Minute, player is rewarded with a medal, either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Their scores also go on the leaderboards if the player has internet connection enabled for their console. Multiplayer characters can also be unlocked by achieving platinum medal on a certain chapter, to fully unlock characters, the player needs to have a platinum medal on a chapter for New York Minute and also Score Attack. Finishing Max Payne 3 in New York Minute will unlock New York Minute Hardcore, where dying will pull the player back to the beginning of the game.


Kill: +5 seconds
Headshot kill: +6 seconds
Attack kill(melee): +10 seconds
Explosion kill: +10 seconds
Vehicle Destruction: +10 seconds

  • Unlike in Score Attack, you’ll want to aim straight for the head as this will take the enemy out of the equation quickly and add an extra precious second.
  • Memorize each stage, paying close attention to where enemies appear and in what numbers. Knowing where your enemies are going to be will help you ensure you’re in the right position to pick them off quickly.
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