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New York City (NYC), famously nicknamed as The Big Apple, is a city in the state of New York, the United States of America. The largest urban center in the country, New York is a spot where many criminal organizations have rooted themselves and viciously battle for power and wealth. Tainted by the valkyr trade, the Italian-Russian Mafia wars and the secret dealings and in-fightings of an underground criminal society the Inner Circle, NYC is where Max Payne's story takes place.

Behind the scenes[]

New York City is the main location for the events of the first two video games in the series. The city's stylistic rendition used in the games has often been referred to as Noir York City, due to prevalent themes of film noir. NYC is shown only during the night and either covered by heavy snowfall (in the original game) or constant rain (in Max Payne 2), this way creating a dark, hostile setting for the story.



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