In the Max Payne 3's multiplayer, players are able to customize their loadouts with 3 items (maximum) to assist them while they're in battle. These items are unlocked through leveling up, purchasing downloadable content or having the pre-order bounuses.

Here is a list of every item obtainable in Max Payne 3's multiplayer:

Head SlotEdit

Head Icon Name Description Level Unlock Cost
HELMET Helmet Lowers damage taken to the head by 50% 4 $1,000
GAS MASK Gas Mask Protect yourself from tear gas 4 $2,000
MILITARY GOGGLES Military Goggles Protect yourself from flash grenades and identify booby trapped corpses 4 $2,000
BALACLAVA Balaclava Earn extra adrenaline for non-melee kills from behind 4


WRESTLEMASK Gorilla Mask Earn extra adrenaline for melee kills from behind - Gorilla Warfare DLC

Chest SlotEdit

Chest Icon Name Description Level Unlock Cost
BODYARMR Light Body Armor Reduces the damage taken to the chest by 15% 1 -
URBAN CAMO Urban Camo Your name and map position are less visible 4 $2,000
ARMRHEAVY Medium body Armor Reduces damage to the chest by 25% and damage to the back by 10% 20 $4,000
ARMRMAX Heavy Body Armor Reduces damage to the chest by 33% and 25% at the back 40 $3,000


Gear Icon Name Description Level Unlock Cost
PILLBOTTLE Pill Bottle You can carry 3 painkillers - Pre-order bonus
LISTENING DEVICE Listening Device Detects movement of nearby enemies and protects - Pre-order bonus
AMMO POUCH Ammunition Pouch Max ammo increased by 50% and provides unlimited ammo when in Last Stand 1 -
BOUNTYORDERS Bounty Orders Earn extra cash for killing the highest enemy player on the scoreboard 4 $1,500
LOCKBOX Lockbox You do not lose your painkillers when you die 4 $1,000
IDCARD ID Cards Distribute ID cards to your team, preventing effects which might confuse team affiliation 4 $1,000
MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE Manufacturer’s Guarantee Protects your weapons from any effects that might damage them 4 $1,000
FIELDBANDAGE Field Bandages Your health replenishes at a faster rate 4 $700
SUTURE Sutures Reduces the time before your health starts to replenish after injury by 25% 4 -
STEALTH BOOTS Sneakers Reduces the noise you make while moving, making it more difficult for enemies to detect you 1 -
WALKIE TALKIE Walkie Talkie Your map receives intel from teammates, showing locations of enemies spotted by your team 4 $500
CANCERSTICK Autoinjector Injects you with extra adrenaline for kills and prevents loss of adrenaline from enemy effects 4 $2,000
VAMPIRIC Vampire Fangs Gives you health for killing enemies 20 $1,000
SWISS ARMY KNIFE Multi-Tool Decreases the time needed to use objective items 20 $1,000
SPRAYCAN Spray Can You capture territories more quickly 20 $1,000
TRACKINGDEVICE Tracking Device Your vendetta target is always visible on your map 20 $2,000
QUICK HOLSTER Quick Holster You reload and switch weapons more quickly 20 $4,000
STICKY TAPE Sticky Tape Your grenades stick where they land 40 $2,000
HOLLOWPOINTS Hollowpoint Rounds Severely damages targets you kill, increasing the time it takes them to respawn 40 $2,500
ACTIVATOR Pacemaker Automatically use adrenaline to enter Bullet Time when in Last Stand 40 $3,000
POCKETWATCH Pocket Watch Enemy Bullet Time affects the holder as if it were friendly Bullet Time 40 $3,000
BADGEOFHONOR Badge of Honor Increases the cash you earn based on how many times you have become a legend At 50, become Legend -
LIGHTFINGERS Light Fingers Reduces looting time - Local Justice DLC
LUCKY COIN Lucky Coin Earn extra cash when looting - Gorilla Warfare DLC
BOOBYTRAP Booby Trap Your corpse is boobytrapped, explodes when looted - Gorilla Warfare DLC
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