Mona Sax is a contract killer before and during the events of the first Max Payne game. She is non-playable and isn't major in the first game, but is playable for a few scenes in Max Payne 2.


On occasion Max Payne runs across a trail of dead bodies attributed to Mona Sax. Mona is described as Lisa Punchinello’s “evil” twin sister. Lisa is married to Angello Punchinello head of the Punchinello crime family. In Max Payne Mona is thought to have been killed by mobsters while she was trying to kill Angello Punchinello whom she calls a “sadistic wife beater” in Max Payne, but she apparently survived as she reappears as a main character in Max Payne 2.[1]

Mona is introduced in Max Payne 2 as a suspect the murder of a Senator. That case is assigned to NYPD Detective Max Payne’s partner Valerie Winterson. Despite his past encounters with Mona Max does not inform the NYPD that he knows her nor does he inform them after Mona visits Max at his apartment. Mona and Max work together until Mona reveals her employer and is ordered to kill Max. When presented with the opportunity and the orders to kill Max Mona can not pull the trigger and as a result is shot in the back.


Depending on what difficulty level you play Max Payne 2 Mona is either killed or is found to have survived being shot in the back. If the player chooses the normal or hard difficulty setting Mona is shown to die in Max’s arms. If the player chooses the “Dead on Arrival” difficulty setting both Max and Mona are found alive by police and paramedics.


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  • Together, Mona and her sister's first names are "Mona Lisa", arguable the most famous Renaissance painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • It is hinted that Mona did indeed kill Senator Gates, who is alluded to have been an Inner Circle member affiliated with Vlad.
  • Mona Sax is voiced by Julia K. Murney in Max Payne, and Wendy Hoopes in Max Payne 2.
  • Julia Murney also voice casts for the police dispatch and for Lady Amelia in Max Payne.
  • Mona is played by Mila Kunis in the feature film.

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