Molotov Cocktails are extremely useful as a distraction. As the enemies try to put themselves out, they leave themselves open.


The Molotov's cocktail was invented by Finnish troops in the Winter War, when they did not have many panzerfausts and needed an affordable anti-tank weapon. They filled bottles supplied by distilleries with gasoline and ethanol and taped two ignitor sticks to the side. When thrown, the lit ignitor stick would light the puddle of fuel and light the tank on fire. It took a lot of courage from a soldier to run up close to a tank and throw it on the exhaust ports on the back of the tank.

It is thought that the Molotov's cocktails were invented by the Russians, but the Finnish soldiers named it that because Molotov was the reason the war started in their opinion.

Nowadays, using a rag soaked with fuel is more popular than the rods.

Game Description

The Molotov Cocktail is a very unorthodox weapon. Essentially, it is a bottle filled with flammable liquid sealed with cloth drenched in gasoline. When it makes impact with an object, it explodes in a cloud of fire. Be sure to remain clear of this, as it has a fairly large range, and can harm you. As with grenades, m

olotovs are used to take out groups of enemies. Unlike grenades, though, molotovs cannot be thrown around corners, reducing its flexibility; however, if enemies are lit by molotovs, they become distracted by the flames, allowing the player to kill them easily

Molotov Cocktails are arguably more deadly than grenades; they do more damage to Max if he is unfortunate enough to get hit by one, they do not have the delayed fuse of the grenade, and they cause enemies to be distracted long enough for Max to easily finish them off. However, their maximum throwing range is less than that of grenades and they cannot be thrown around corners. Also, since they explode on contact, they can be more hazadrous to handle than grenades. Fortunately, they are much more rarely encountered in-game than grenades.

In Max Payne

Molotovs are semi-rare weapons found mostly in Part 1. Jack Lupino's men and Jack himself are fond of using the weapon. Usage and appearance drastically decreases in Part II; for example, Vlad supplies Max with supplies for every type of weapon found up to that point in the game-aside from molotovs-and the Molotov is for the most part non-existent in Part III, being replaced by grenades and grenade launchers.

In Max Payne 2

Although their occurences are rare, when molotovs are found they are generally found in large numbers. Once again, they are much more common in Part I. In Act II, Mona cannot find grenades, but she does come across three molotovs to help aid her as she progresses through her level. Molotovs are unavailable in Part III.


  • The Molotov Cocktail is a Secondary Weapon.
  • You can only hold 10 at a time.

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