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Molotov Cocktails are thrown explosives that detonate on impact and release a burning, flammable liquid. They are in use in the 2001, 2003, and 2012 fights.


The Molotov cocktail is a very unorthodox weapon. Essentially, it is a bottle filled with flammable liquid sealed with cloth drenched in gasoline. When it makes impact with an object, it explodes in a cloud of fire. Be sure to remain clear of this, as it has a fairly large range, and can harm you. As with grenades, Molotovs are used to take out groups of enemies.


  • Molotov cocktails are arguably deadlier than grenades; they do more damage to Max if he is unfortunate enough to get hit by one.
  • If enemies are lit by Molotovs, they become distracted by the flames, giving the opportunity to kill them easily.


  • Unlike grenades, though, Molotovs cannot be thrown around corners, reducing their flexibility.
  • Their maximum throwing range is also less than that of the grenades.
  • Since they explode on contact, they can be more hazardous to handle than grenades.

Behind the scenes[]

In Max Payne[]

In Max Payne, Molotovs are semi-rare weapons found mostly in Part 1. Jack Lupino's men and Lupino himself are fond of using the weapon. Usage and appearance drastically decreases in Part II; for example, Vladimir Lem supplies Max with supplies for every type of weapon found up to that point in the game-aside from molotovs and the Molotov is for the most part non-existent in Part III, being replaced by grenades and grenade launchers.

In Max Payne 2[]

In Max Payne 2, although Molotov cocktail stashes are rare, when they are located, the bottles are generally found in large numbers. Once again, they are much more common in Part I. In Part II, Mona Sax cannot find grenades, but she does come across three Molotovs to help aid her as she progresses through her level. In Part III, if Max can kill a guard in Love Hurts, then there will be three Molotovs available.

In Max Payne 3[]

In Max Payne 3, Molotov cocktails can be shot while they are thrown in air and exploded.[1] Molotovs, however, cannot be used by the player in singleplayer. If Max is hit directly with one of these, there is a high chance Max will die unless he has access to painkillers. If Max is too close to a Molotov, the fire will do gradual damage until it dies down. In multiplayer, the player can get Molotovs through the Disorderly Conduct pack.



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