Mitchell was a commando for the Squeaky Cleaning Company, a company owned by Vladimir Lem. He tried to kill Max first at an elevator, but failed and shot gas canisters, hurling Max down to the morgue and causing him to lose his guns. He tracked him to the morgue and tried to kill him, but was knocked down by the door. Mitchell followed Max throughout the hospital aimlessly shooting at him, along with his partner Feller. The ytrapped him in an office, but Max managed to get a dead hospital guard's gun and wound up killing both Mitchell and his partner.


Mitchell is a commando who will try to kill Max after trapping him in the hospital morgue. He inevitably fails and is killed by Max.


After knocking him over with the door, run up the stairs of the hospital until you enter one of the main halls. Mitchell's partner, Feller will show up with an MP5 and try to kill you as well. Ignore the two nurses you see, as they will get gunned down by Feller and continue until you reach an office with a few painkillers. Heal yourself and wait for a hospital security guard to arrive. After he gets killed by Feller, grab his gun and kill Feller. You can then take his weapon and kill Mitchell.


"How stupid can you be?! You were safe in there you stupid fuck!"

"You can run, but you won't get far!!"

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