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"You can run, but you won't get far!"
―Mitchum to Max Payne

Template:CharacterInfobox Mitchum (unknown-2003) is a quick-tempered and ruthless commando of the Squeaky Cleaning Company mercenary army of Vladimir Lem. In 2003, Mitchum, along with a few commandos, including his partner Feller, invade to the Memorial Hospital in order to kill the NYPD detective Max Payne. During the attack on the hospital, Mitchum tries to hunt down Payne, and even wounds the NYPD homicide lieutenant Jim Bravura, but ultimately, dies at the hands of Payne.



Almost nothing is known about Mitchum's past. At some point in his life, he joined Vladimir Lem's Squeaky Cleaning Company, that acted as a front for a hitmen company. He quickly became one of the group's deadliest members. By 2003, Mitchum was given a partner, Feller.

Hospital attack

"Give up! You have nowhere to run!"
―Mitchum confronts Max Payne

In 2003, Mitchum is one of the commandos invading the Memorial Hospital with the mission to locate the recently hospitalized Max Payne and kill him. He finds Payne in an elevator talking to Jim Bravura and, spraying Ingram bullets, guns the NYPD Homicide lieutenant down but misses his primary target. Mitchum then again attempts to shoot Payne but hits some gas canisters, which explode, hurling Max's elevator down to the morgue and causing him to lose his guns.


Mitchum then tracks Max Payne to the morgue, but is stopped by a locked door with a bulletproof window. In an effort to escape, Payne unlocks the door and throws the hitman to the floor, giving him a few seconds to run. Mitchum pursues the unarmed Max through the hospital, shooting at him along with his partner Feller. They eventually trap him in a large office room, but Payne manages to get a dead hospital guard's gun and kills both Mitchum and his partner.


"How stupid can you get? You were safe in there, you stupid fuck!"
―Mitchum taunts Max Payne, 2003

Mitchum is known as a quick-tempered and ruthless person. He often curses and taunts people. Mitchum has no patience, and seems to get angry when something lasts longer than he wants. Mitchum is also a very brutal person: he shoots Jim Bravura multiple times until the NYPD lieutenant fell down.


See Too Stubborn To Die for more information.

Behind the scenes

If Mitchum sees Max in the office maze, he might not chase him right away. Feller won't aid Mitchum. Mitchum will fight alone.


"What the hell?"
―Mitchum as a gas can explodes.


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