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"Fair enough..."
―Milo Rego

Milo Rego is a Brazilian criminal, the underboss and the right-hand man of the São Paulo's Crachá Preto gang boss Álvaro Neves until 2012. Born in 1973, Rego has joined the Brazilian army, but was decommissioned in 2006 due to his mental status.



Milo Rego was born in Brazil, in 1973. At some point he joined the Brazilian army, but was decommissioned in 2006 following a psychiatric evaluation that deemed him unfit for service.

The Crachá Preto

Joining the gang

In 2007, Rego was recruited to the Crachá Preto by Neves. Rego soon became his right-hand man, and primarily functioned as a bodyguard and hitman.

The torture

In 2010, he was captured by gang members during a vigilante attack on the Purgatópolis favela. Rego was tortured for three days with a cigarette lighter leaving his face permanently scarred.


In 2012, the Crachá Preto had defeated the Comando Sombra, and re-kidnapped Marcelo Branco and Giovanna from Serrano. Rego orders one of his men to burn Marcelo to death, and is about to kill Giovanna. Max Payne then appears and the two begin to fight. Rego uses his machete, but is disarmed and then defeated by Payne. Payne then forced the weapon into Rego's throat, killing him. Rego's corpse is later found by his boss, Neves.

Personality and traits

Rego was known as a person that exhibits both psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. It is also known that Rego likes to dominate and humiliate his victims.

Rego is very proficient with firearms and melee weapons, and is a skilled sword wielder.

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