"High noon, Sheriff. DRAW!"
―Mike the Cowboy

Template:CharacterInfobox Mike "The Cowboy" is a member of Vladimir Lem's Russian Mob. In 2003, he helps Max Payne fight Mafia men at Vodka. But, a few nights later, he can, alongside his fellow Russian gangsters, fight their former ally when he storms Lem's bar in search of their boss.


Mike's background is relatively unknown, he introduces himself as a "friend" of Vladimir Lem. Mike's nickname, "the Cowboy," comes from his affection for stereotypical western films.


In 2003, Mike helps Max Payne save Vladimir Lem from the clutches of the Italian mobster Vinnie Gognitti, when his gang leads an attack on the restaurant Vodka. Mike may die in this battle. If he survives, the Russian mobster plays the role of coordinating the defence of Vodka a few nights later, but this time against Max Payne who has turned on his former allies. Mike continually taunts Max through the public address system until he is finally found and killed in Lem's office.

Behind the scenes

Mike is an ally NPC in the A Criminal Mastermind chapter of Max Payne 2. He is expendable in it and whether he dies or not determines the end cutscene of the chapter and the final enemy in the On A Crash Course chapter:

  • If Mike survives the first level, he appears together with Max Payne in the closing cutscene where Gognitti escapes from Vodka and Payne meets Vladimir Lem. Then, in the second level, he is the final mini-boss and speaks through the restaurant's speakers. Unlike his would-be replacement, he knows that it is in fact Max attacking Vlad's restuarant, and not Mona Sax.
  • If Mike dies, he will no longer be seen in the game, and in the second chapter will be replaced by an unnamed Russian who mistakes Max for Mona and is slightly weaker than Mike.

It is unknown which Mike's death is canonical.

Fight strategy

Mike is slightly tougher than an average enemy, but weaker than the other bosses such as Vlad and Kaufman. When Max encounters him for the boss fight, Mike's back is turned. As such it is relatively easy for Max to kill him. Two shots to the head with a high caliber weapon or a direct hit with a Molotov cocktail should be enough to incapacitate Mike.



"You are the sheriff? well, how about making me your deputy?"
―To Max Payne

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