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Template:MaxPayne3 Template:CharacterInfobox Michelle Payne is the wife of Max Payne. Together they have one infant daughter.



Michelle Payne was born on May 12, 1964. At some point in her life, Michelle met Max Payne. The two fell in love, married, and moved into a house in New Jersey. On February 4, 1998, Michelle gave birth to Rose Payne.

Prior to 1998, Michelle Payne worked part-time at a District Attorney's office where she once came upon the Project Valhalla documents that Alfred Woden had sent to incriminate Nicole Horne. It was finding these documents that eventually led Horne to disperse several Valkyr test subjects into the Payne residence to kill Michelle and seal the evidence leak.


Michelle Payne Dead

Michelle found dead on arrival in her bedroom by Max.

One 1998 summer evening, three green jumpsuit-wearing Valkyr-pumped maniacs break into the Payne family's New Jersey house and wreck havoc to it, destroying property and holding the terrified Michelle in her bedroom. Her husband Max arrives at the Payne residence at the moment of its invasion and hears her screaming in terror for help. Although the detective rushes to her aid and kills the invaders, he arrives too late and, to his terror, finds Michelle and their daughter shot dead.


Michelle Payne and her daughter's deaths are what sets Max Payne to begin his journey to get revenge on those who are responsible. He joins the Drug Enforcement Administration to build the Valkyr trafficking case. After three years of investigation, he starts to work undercover in the Punchinello crime family.

Michelle ve Rose Payne

Michelle and Rose's grave, 2012.

Michelle and Rose were buried in the Golgotha Cemetery, in a single grave. In 2012, Max comes to the cemetery to pay respects to his deceased family. He is then attacked by a few mobsters, but manages to kill them.

Max Payne's nightmares

Payne hears Michelle's voice many times during his haunting nightmares.

When Max finds her diary in one nightmare he has, he reads aloud that Michelle had merely stumbled across the Project Valhalla documents and wasn't fully aware of the matter.

Michelle Payne appears in Max's nightmares during his 2003 Cleaner Case. In one nightmare, the NYPD detective forsakes Michelle in a bid to win Mona Sax. He immediately regrets the decision. Michelle's second appearance is in a dream Payne has after he has killed Vladimir Lem and witnessed Sax's death. In it, Max seems to finally make peace with her passing, as he mutters: "I had a dream of my wife. She was dead, but it was all right."


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