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The PlayStation 4 version of Max Payne (a port of the PlayStation 2 version) features 11 Trophies, 2 being secret, that are obtainable by completing different tasks.

The trophies include Trick Shot, Four for the Price of One, Quickest on the Draw, Plenty to Go Around, The American Dream, A Cold Day in Hell, A Bit Closer to Heaven, Feel the Payne, Under Par, Weapons Training, and The Last Challenge.


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Marcelo Branco was the younger brother of Rodrigo Branco and Victor Branco, and the youngest child of the Branco family. He was described as a "stupid party-loving Eurotrash playboy."

Graduating in 1992, Marcelo lived his life as a spoiled child who enjoyed getting everything he wants. More than anything, Marcelo loved his sister-in-law Fabiana, Rodrigo's wife. However, she rejected him and didn't want to hear about his love for her.


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