The policies and guidelines of the Max Payne Wiki (MPW:P) are regulations that maintain the overall strategy of the wiki project. These generally accepted editing practices were reached by a consensus of editors, are enforced by administrators, and should be adhered to by any contributors.

List of policies and guidelines

Adding or changing policies and guidelines

Changes to policies or guidelines should only be done with community consensus.

The normal procedure for proposing new policies and guidelines or changing existing ones is to create a topic in the "wiki discussion" forum. Once the discussion has led to a final draft, call a vote.


Explanations of some terms used in the guidelines:

In-universe and non-universe styles

The in-universe style is the written style and perspective which is used in in-universe articles. This style attempts to present the data to the reader with the sense as if both the described events and the reader were living in the same fictional universe. E.g.:

  • In 2001, Max Payne meets Frankie Niagara in Lupino's Hotel. - the sentence is written in-universe
  • The player first sees Frankie in Max Payne in the first chapter of Part II - the sentence is written non-universe

In-universe article

An in-universe article is a wiki article which describes a fictional Max Payne universe element. For example: a character, a weapon, a location, a fictional event, etc. Such articles use the in-universe style with the exception of their "Behind the scenes" and "Appearances" sections.

Real world article

A real world article is a wiki article which describes a real and not a fictional universe object, for instance: a video game, a film, a game developer, a voice actor, a game company, etc. Such articles use the non-universe style only.