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The PlayStation 4 version of Max Payne (a port of the PlayStation 2 version) features 11 Trophies, 2 being secret, that are obtainable by completing different tasks.

The trophies include Trick Shot, Four for the Price of One, Quickest on the Draw, Plenty to Go Around, The American Dream, A Cold Day in Hell, A Bit Closer to Heaven, Feel the Payne, Under Par, Weapons Training, and The Last Challenge.


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Nicole Horne was the CEO of Aesir Corporation from at least the early 1990's up until 2001. A ruthless and amoral businesswoman, Horne was responsible for the killing of Max Payne's wife and daughter and the production of the designer drug Valkyr.

Due to Horne's wrinkled appearance and her role in the production of Valkyr, she was known as 'the witch' and 'the hag' until Max Payne uncovered her name in relation to a government research project known as Project Valhalla, along with her rival Alfred Woden and the secret society 'The Inner Circle,' of which she was once a member.


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