The PlayStation 4 version of Max Payne (a port of the PlayStation 2 version) features 11 trophies, 2 being secret, that are obtainable by completing different tasks.

List of TrophiesEdit

Trophy Image Description Trophy
Trick Shot
02 Trick Shot
Kill two enemies during one Shoot Dodge. Bronze
Four for the Price of One
03 Four for the Price of One
Kill four enemies with one thrown grenade. Bronze
Quickest on the Draw
04 Quickest on the Draw
Kill 10 enemies during one use of Bullet Time. Silver
Plenty to Go Around
05 Plenty to Go Around
Snipe 10 consecutive enemies without missing a shot. Bronze
The American Dream
06 The American Dream
Complete Part I on any difficulty. Bronze
A Cold Day in Hell
07 A Cold Day in Hell
Complete Part II on any difficulty. Bronze
A Bit Closer to Heaven
08 A Bit Closer to Heaven
Complete Part III on any difficulty. Silver
Feel the Payne
09 Feel the Payne
Complete the game in Hard-Boiled mode. Silver
Under Par
10 Under Par
Finish the game quicker than the Remedy par time in New York Minute mode. Silver
Weapons Training
01 Weapons Training
Locate the Secret Room during the Tutorial. Bronze
The Last Challenge
11 The Last Challenge
Complete the End Combat. Gold


  • Interestingly, there was an additional Bronze trophy that was removed from the game before its release, which required the player to trigger the Killer Rats easter egg. The name, description, and image of the removed trophy can be seen below:
12 Did Someone Call the Exterminator

Did Someone Call the Exterminator?

Declare war against the Rats.