Max Payne 3 (Working title), was announced on March 23, 2009.

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Max Payne 3

An image of Max Payne from Max Payne 3

Back around 2004, Take-Two's then CEO, Jeffrey Lapin confirmed that Max Payne 3 was coming. However, after many years and new Take-Two CEOs, most people lost hope that Max Payne would live to see another game. Well, Max Payne fans rejoice! Rockstar has just announced that Max Payne 3 is coming in 2011 to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and yes you are reading this right, the PC!

The New Story


Max Payne 3 tells the story of a retired police detective embroiled in a world of corruption, turmoil and intense violence. The award-winning Max Payne franchise put players in the role of Max Payne, a hard-boiled New York City detective with a penchant for violence, out to avenge the death of his family. The latest installment delivers more of the classic elements and hyper-intense action that fans have come to love, while moving the story of Max in a new direction. A recent issue of Game Informer has revealed that the story is set 12 years after the last one, in the ghettos of São Paulo City. Payne has developed a painkiller addiction by this point, and is employed as a bodyguard for a wealthy family.


  • Screenshots from the July issue of Game Informer show that Max is almost unrecognizable from the past games, having a bald head and sporting a beard. He is also more muscular than before.
  • Max seems to prefer dual Desert Eagles as his weapons of choice, being seen more than any other weapon in the screenshots.
  • The game will be using the RAGE and Euphoria engine, also used in Grand Theft Auto 4.
  • While there is a cover system similar to GTA IV in the game, developers also said that it doesn't have to be used and is merely an option.
  • It could probably be assumed that since the story leaves off from Max Payne 2 and in this game takes place 12 years later that maybe this game is set in the year 2015 (because Max Payne 2 takes place in 2003 two years after Max Payne 1 which that took place in 2001). This was obviously found out in Max Payne 2 when you're playing Part 3: That Old Familiar Feeling where when Vlad gets through talking reckless to Max and his two men come out of the room with the elevator there is a TV in the room if you watch it there will be the news with Kyra Silver from the first game and she'll get in to details about some interesting information.
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