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#REDIRECT [[Max Heat (actor)]]
This article is about '''the media franchise''', you might be looking for '''[[Max Heat (actor)|the actor]]'''.
[[File:Max Heat Intertitle.jpg|thumb|250px]]
'''''Max Heat''''' is an American pornographic magazine as well as a series of films. The franchise could be named after the male porn actor [[Max Heat (actor)|Max Heat]] who is known to star at least in the film ''[[Max Heat 7]]''.
Numerous ''Max Heat'' pornographic magazines can be found in throughout [[Lupino's Hotel]] during the [[Valkyr Case|2001 Valkyr Case]].
In [[Timeline#2003|2003]], a softcore adult film titled ''[[Max Heat 7]]'' airs on television. It stars [[Max Heat (actor)|the titular adult film star]] opposite [[Laura Norder]]. The "7" in the title most likely refers to the film being the seventh in a series of ''Max Heat'' films.
==Behind the scenes==
*During the early stages of ''[[Max Payne (game)|Max Payne]]'', the founder of the game's distributor, [[wikipedia: Scott Miller (entrepreneur)|Scott Miller]], wanted the game's protagonist to have an iconic name that would also be the game's title, similar to their other successful series, ''[[wikipedia:Duke Nukem|Duke Nukem]]''. Miller suggested Max, and "Heat" was the only last name [[Remedy Entertainment]] could come up with to trademark. Approximately $20,000 was spent attempting to trademark "Max Heat" worldwide, but as soon as someone from Remedy came up with "Payne" as a last name instead, the team gave up on the "Max Heat" trademark.<ref name="MMC">[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/features/9610-The-History-of-Max-Payne The History of Max Payne] Retrieved June 12th, 2016.</ref>
*''[[Max Payne (game)|Max Payne]]''
*''[[Max Payne 2]]''
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