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"Your usual, Matt?"
―Marty to Max Payne.[src]

Marty[1] is the bartender at Walton's Bar, circa 2012.


According to himself, Marty was once in a punk rock band.[2]

One Monday in 2012, Max Payne has arrived to Marty's bar, who gives him a drink. After serving Max a drink, the latter begins to tell about his early life; how he met his wife, his time in the NYPD with his partner, and his retirement from the NYPD. Marty also makes a comment that Brewer "freaks him out".[3]

Sometime later, Tony DeMarco arrives to the bar along with his thugs and threatens Payne with an M1911 pistol. Marty tries to chill Tony, who in return threatens him as well. Luckily, Raul Passos arrives and kicks the thugs from the bar. [4][5] [6]

A while later, Tony returns and hits a woman who has drunk with Payne and Passos. Payne kills Tony, and a gunfight begins. During the gunfight, Marty takes the woman, and the two hide behind the bar counter.[7]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Marty's hair is darker in the comics, and he looks younger, while in the game his hair is graying.
  • In-game, a certification can be seen on the wall behind the bar. Very close inspection reveals that Walton's Bar is certified to a 'Martin Barman' - this is an obvious nod to Marty's occupation.