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Template:Upcoming Template:CharacterInfobox Marcelo Branco is the younger brother of Rodrigo Branco and Victor Branco, and the youngest child of the Branco family. He is described as a "stupid party-loving Eurotrash playboy".


Early life

Not much is known about Marcelo, other than that he is the youngest child in the Branco family, and graduted school in 1992. In 2009, his brother Rodrigo has married to Fabiana Taveres. Over the time, Marcelo and Fabiana has begun to hang out together, and it was speculated that Marcelo had a crush or an affair with Fabiana, who didn't want to know about that.

Hiring Max Payne

In 2012, Marcelo's older brother, Rodrigo, hires Max Payne and Raul Passos as private security guards for the family. One night, Marcelo flies via a helicopter to a party in a nightclub, in which Comando Sombra gangsters kidnap Marcelo's sister-in-law, Fabiana. Marcelo was also captured following the incident by the Comando Sombra. Payne soon discovers the CS' hideout in the favelas and attempts to rescue the Brancos along with Giovanna Taveres. The attempt fails and Fabiana is executed, but before the rest are killed, the UFE intervene. Serrano and his gang escape with Marcelo and Giovanna. Their escape fails and each of them are captured by the UFE.


He is later sold to the Crachá Preto by the UFE. The Crachá Preto second-in-command, Milo Rego, then orders one of his men to brutally burn Marcelo to death in order to shift the blame away from the Crachá Preto to the local gangs. Max rushes to Marcelo, but it is too late. Max then kills Rego by forcing his machete into his neck.