The M4 Carbine is an all-purpose assault rifle designed for the purpose of taking out a large number of enemies with a reasonable distance. Said by some to be the best weapon in the game.


The M4 is essentially the perfect weapon. Its damage, ammo & clip capacity, and rate of fire match the Kalashnikov's, making it a good choice in any firefight situations. Unlike the Kalashnikov, however, the M4 also boasts perfect accuracy (a trait shared only by the sniper rifle and the Desert Eagle), allowing the user to attain rapid kills over extreme distances although the M4 lacks a scope. The ammo for this gun is not extremely plentiful throughout the game, so aiming for headshots as much as possible is a desirable course of action when utilizing this gun. Ammo becomes much more plentiful in the last two few Chapters of Part III.


  • The M4 Carbine is referred to in the game's files as the Colt Commando, a weapon with practically identical statistics in the first game. However, the Colt Commando and the M4 Carbine are two very different guns in real life.
  • It uses M4 Carbine Ammo
  • It holds 30 rounds in one clip, up to a maximum of 300.

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