Lords and Ladies title screen

Lords and Ladies is an American period drama television series. Set in the Victorian era, it revolves around the dramatic love story between Lord Valentine (credited as Marquis Valentine in one show airing in 2001) and Lady Amelia. Max Payne encounters television sets playing the show during his quests.

The protagonists of the show is Valentine and Amelia


It first appear in the game Max Payne where one of the enemies is watching the show. The show relied on sponsor from many companies.


2001 Series

The 2001 series shows that both protagonists, Valentine and Amelia are meeting in secret and Amelia reveal that she is Valentine long lost sister. However, this is retconned as the 2003 series shows a new story. The retcon could have happen possibly due to Aesir, their sponsor, suffer a heavy blow due to Max's actions.

The 2003 series

The series shows that both Valentine and Amelia are in love but have to meet in secret due to her reputation as a pirate's daughter. She fear for his reputation and decide to flee the scene before meeting Valentine properly. The meeting is discovered by Valentine's brother, Jack and revealed the secret to his parents in return the father, a sheriff who is sick with tuberculosis and died after hearing Valentine's affair. Jack, now succeed his father, threaten his brother to not meet his lover or suffer the consequences.

Jack consult his mother about the situation in which she encourage him any means including murder to restore the family's reputation. Jack head off to confront his brother and the lover. As the confrontation goes, Valentine decide to marry Amelia which infuriate Jack who demand a duel with his brother. Amelia attempt stop the duel but ended with Valentine winning the duel after fatally stab his brother. Everyone was shocked at this revelation and knew killing his own brother would bring trouble and shame.

As they are shock at their actions, the mother sent the guards to capture the lady and confront the couple. Initially, they capture Amelia and in surprise, the mother let her go and offer a cup of wine. Valentine saw through the trick and decide to save his lover by drinking the poisoned wine and pour the remaining to the fire, setting the manor on fire. He tell his lover to escape the burning manor while insult his mother for her dishonorable actions. Amelia who survive the fire is grateful for Valentine's action in becoming a lady and had a son. It ends with her hearing Valentine's voice.

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