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Lords and Ladies is an American period drama television series. Set in the Victorian era, it revolves around the dramatic love story between Lord Valentine (credited as Marquis Valentine in one show airing in 2001) and Lady Amelia. Max Payne encounters television sets playing the show during his quests.

The protagonists of the show is Valentine and Amelia.

You can watch the whole series here.

History[edit | edit source]

It first appear in the game Max Payne where one of the enemies is watching the show. The show relied on sponsor from many companies.

Plot[edit | edit source]

2001 Series[edit | edit source]

The 2001 series shows that both protagonists, Valentine and Amelia, are meeting in secret and Amelia reveals that she is Valentine long lost sister. However, this is retconned as the 2003 series shows another story. This may be due to the series' sponsor Aesir suffering a heavy blow due to Max's actions. The earlier rendition of the show appears to invoke a more contemporary setting as opposed to the Victorian-based era of the later series.

The 2003 series[edit | edit source]

The 2003 retcon of the series shows that both Valentine and Amelia are in love, but they have to meet in secret due to her reputation as a pirate's daughter. She fears for his reputation and decides to flee the scene before meeting Valentine properly. The meeting is discovered by Valentine's brother, Jack who reveals the secret to his parents. The father of Jack is a sheriff who is sick with tuberculosis. He dies after hearing about Valentina's affair. Jack succeeds his father and threatens his brother not to meet his lover again or suffer the consequences.

Jack consults his mother about the situation. She encourages him to take any means necessary, including murder, to restore the family's reputation. Jack heads off to confront his brother Valentine and the lover Amelia. Following the confrontation, Valentine decides to marry Amelia, which infuriates Jack. Jack challenges his brother to a duel. Amelia attempts to stop the duel, but the duel ends tragically with Valentine stabbing Jack to death. This shocks everyone, including Jack's mother, who knew Jack killing his own brother would bring trouble and shame.

As they are shocked by their actions, Jack and Valentine's mother sends the guards to confront the couple. Initially, they arrest Amelia and surprisingly the mother lets her go, offering a cup of wine. Valentine sees through the trick and decides to save his lover by drinking the poisoned wine and pouring the remains of the wine to the fire, setting the manor on fire. He tells his lover to escape the burning manor while insulting his mother for her dishonorable actions. Amelia, who survives the fire, is grateful for Valentine's actions. The series' last episode ends with Amelia hearing Valentine's voice.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

In Max Payne[edit | edit source]

Transcript #1 (Episode airs in 2001)[edit | edit source]

Announcer: Previously, on "Lords and Ladies"...

Laurence: Lady Amelia, Lord Valentine asks for an audience.

Lady Amelia: Thank you, Laurence.

Lord Valentine: My Lady...

Lady Amelia: My Lord?

Narrator: And now, an all new episode of "Lords and Ladies", brought to you in part by Aesir Corporation.

Lord Valentine: My Lady...

Lady Amelia: My Lord?

Lord Valentine: My Lady, there is a matter of great importance I must bring to your attention.

Lady Amelia: My Lord, there is?

Lord Valentine: Indeed, my Lady, there is indeed. From the very first moment we met, upon that distant forest path, there's been sunlight in the autumn leaves, blazing like the colors of your hair.

Lady Amelia: Oh my Lord, you should not speak so.

Lord Valentine: But my Lady, I must, I must.

Lady Amelia: My Lord, no, I forbid you. This cannot be, this must not be.

Lord Valentine: But why, my love, why?

Lady Amelia: My Lord, it is too dreadful. Do not force me to speak the words.

Lord Valentine: My Lady, I beg of you, I must know. I would rather die than not know.

Lady Amelia: Yes, my Lord, we should both be dead, for the shame is too great for the living. My Lord... I am-..... My Lord, I am your long-lost sister !

In Max Payne 2[edit | edit source]

Transcript #2 (Episode airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Lord Valentine: My Lady, wait!

Lady Amelia: My Lord.

Lord Valentine: My Lady, this is a surprise, finding you here. Were you looking for me by chance?

Lady Amelia: My Lord, I, I was... Oh, this is so difficult!

Lord valentine: My Lady?

Lady Amelia: My Lord, I came to see you, but now that I am here I can see that this was a dreadful mistake.

Lord Valentine: My Lady, no. Surely-

Lady Amelia: My Lord, I should go! Should anyone see us together, your reputation would be ruined.

Lord Valentine: My Lady, stay-

Lady Amelia: My Lord, please forgive me! [She runs away]

Lord Valentine: My Lady!

Announcer: After the break, an all-new episode of Lords and Ladies.

Transcript #3 (Episode airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Announcer: Lords and Ladies, brought to you by Gold Touch Brandy .

Lord Jack : Going somewhere little brother?

Lord Valentine: My Lord, Jack, what on earth? Why are you lurking here in darkness? Are you- Are you SPYING on me? Hardly conduct fit for a Lord.

Lord Jack: Not so, if the other one is no Lord to begin with. It is not I whose actions are in question here, Valentine. Where do you think you're going at this ungodly hour?

Lord Valentine: Who put you up to this shameful errand?! Mama?

Lord Jack: Leave our parents out of this. Papa, the esteemed Sheriff of York, was well on his way to recovery from the consumption, when news of you carrying on with that wench - a pirate's daughter no less - brought about his relapse.

Lord Valentine: Balderdash!

Lord Jack: Soon Papa will be dead, because of you! And I will be the head of the family. Continue seeing her at your own peril.

Lord Valentine: Are you threatening me, my Lord?

Lord Jack: I will cut you off, Valentine. That and worse.

Lord Valentine: I bid you goodnight, brother. [He walks away]

Lord Jack: That and worse, brother! Hahahahahaha! That and worse.

Transcript #4 (Episode airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Announcer: And now, Lords and Ladies continues.

Lord Jack: Mama! I tried to stop him, but he is beyond reason. Valentine has gone to a rendez-vous with his mistress, the harlot. She is no lady.

Mama : Good, good, Jack my son, Jack, my favorite son. You have done right in turning to me in this distasteful affair.

Lord Jack: Mama, tell me what to do, and I will do it. Anything to save our name from disgrace.

Mama: Yes, good, good. That witch has made my Valentine blind with love. She must be stopped. Jack, my boy, our name, our line is pure, precious, holy, it must be preserved at any cost. Anyone who threatens it is our mortal enemy. They must be stopped by any means. The honor of the whole of York is at stake.

Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.

Mama: Yes, good, good. By any means. Even murder is a rightful course. She is a criminal.

Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.

Mama: I am so proud of you, Jack, my precious son. You will lift our name to new glorious heights. Truly, you are a Lord.

Lord Jack: Yes, Mama.

Mama: Good, good. Do what is necessary. Now go, to the harlot's house. Ride like the wind, fight proud my son.

Lord Jack: Yes, Mama. [He leaves]

Mama: Good, good.

Transcript #5 (Episode airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Announcer: An all new episode of Lords and Ladies brought to you in part by Castling Insurance Company .

Lord Valentine: My Lord, I will marry her. My mind is made up. She will be my lady.

Lord Jack: Over my dead body, brother. That harlot will never soil our family name. You have no right to call yourself a lord. I am here to do the duty of a sheriff's heir.

Lord Valentine: You have insulted my lady for the last time, my lord. I demand satisfaction.

[They draw their swords]

Lord Jack: As you wish, little brother! En garde!

Lady Amelia: No, my Lord! Nothing good can come of this.

[Swords clanking]

Lord Jack: Villain!

Lady Amelia: My Lord, I beg of you!

Lord Valentine: My Lord, brother, heed her words, maybe we can yet solve this peacefully.

Lord Jack: Have at thee!

Lord Valentine: No!

Lady Amelia: My Lord!

Lord Jack: Brother!? What have you done? Brother, you have slain me.

[He falls to the ground]

Lady Amelia: My Lord, we are lost.

Lord Valentine: My Lady, what have I done? All is lost. What have I done?

Announcer: Lords and Ladies continues after the break.

Transcript #6 (Episode airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Lady Amelia: My Lord.

Lord Valentine: I have slain my brother. All is lost. I am a lord no more.

Mama: Men, capture them!

Guard: Your word is our command, my Lady.

Lord Valentine: Mama!

Mama: Yes, good, good. My precious boy, a noble lord, is dead, a vile crime against our illustrious name. A crime that shall not go unpunished.

Lady Amelia: My Lord!

Lord Valentine: Unhand her, you brutes!

Mama: Yes, good, good. Men, let her go.

Guard: Aye, my Lady.

Mama: Good, good, my dear girl, you seem faint, do sit down, rest. Here, a glass of wine, drink. It will bring color back to your cheeks.

Lady Amelia: Thank you, my Lady.

Lord Valentine: No! Do not drink, my Lady!

Mama: Valentine!

Lady Amelia: My Lord!

Lord Valentine: Allow me. Mama, I drink to the memory of my brother. My Lady, I drink for you.

Mama: No, my son! That is not for you. Men, stop him!

[He drinks]

Lord Valentine: Too late! I have swallowed the bitter poison. I am dead so that my lady can live. With this deed, I prove myself a lord.

Lady Amelia: My Lord?

[Valentine throws the wine into the fireplace and a fire breaks out]

Mama: No! Fire! Fire is loose!

Lady Amelia: My Lord!

Lord Valentine: My Lady! Go! Run! Live!

[She runs]

Lord Valentine: Mama. You... are... no... LADY!

Mama: No! No, my son! No! Aaah! [She catches on fire]

[Crashing of wood and shattering of glass]

Transcript #7 (Final episode, airs in 2003)[edit | edit source]

Announcer: The season finale of Lords and Ladies, brought to you in part by Cleansing Cleaning Products .

Lady Amelia: I fled into the night. Behind me, in the darkness, the manor house burned like Nero's Rome. My Lord Valentine taught me who I was. He showed me life, the meaning of being a lady, took me out of the world waiting beyond the secluded garden of my childhood home. He gave me the seed that grew into my greatest treasure.

Boy: Mama! Mama!

Lady Amelia: My little Valentine. It happened years ago, but I can still hear the voice of my lord, calling out to me, saying "My Lady".

Lord Valentine's voice: My Lady.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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