Live from the Crime Scene is the second chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


After Max forces his way through a wooden barrier, he enters a rusty door that leads to an abandoned section of the subway, which is being used by the Punchinello crime family to raid the Roscoe Street Bank vault. Max intercepts the robbery to gather more evidence and to find out where Alex Balder is. On the way to the bank vault, Max discovers a door rigged with explosives that require detonators.

During Max's interruption of the bank robbery the nearby phone rings, with Deputy Chief Jim Bravura telling Max to come out with his hands above his head, (Bravura is mistaking Max for the bank robbers). Max ransacks Vault A and C for evidence, discovering that the robbers were after Aesir Corporation bonds; he also finds the detonators for the explosives rigged to the door. After detonating the explosives, Max finds himself near the entrance of the modern Roscoe Street Station, and finally finds Alex Balder. However, as Max and his partner discuss the bank robbery, Balder is assassinated by an unknown man. After the death of Alex, Max proceeds to the exit of the station before the NYPD arrives.

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: One Way or the Other, Live from the Crime Scene and Stepping on Toes.

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Live From the Crime Scene

Complete 'Part I Chapter 2: Live From The Crime Scene' on any difficulty



  • At the beginning of the level, two thugs will argue with each other about the detonator. If you let the argument pan out, one of the thugs will kill the other and then whistle casually.
  • One of the thugs has a cell phone with the ringtone of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly main title theme song.
  • While in the vault, Max can shoot out the alarm system, which will prompt him to comically mutter a "thank you."
  • The Killer Rats: Just before Max finds Alex, one of the mobsters will toss a grenade, but if Max kill him quickly enough, he can pick it up and head towards the beginning of the chapter where a hole in the wall can be found. Toss the grenade into the hole and the message 'I had declared a war against rats' will appear as an objective. Head back through the tunnel and up the stairs, where there will be rats holding guns; they will fire at Max on sight.
  • At the end of the chapter, near the stairs that lead to the station's exit, there are several posters on the wall of people who seem to be members of the development team.
  • If you shoot every alarm and light in the bank vaults, a vault door near the vault control center will open and reveal the Rockstar North logo inside.


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Max Payne - The American Dream - Live from the Crime Scene (HD)

Max Payne - The American Dream - Live from the Crime Scene (HD)