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Template:CharacterInfobox Lisa Punchinello (née Sax) is the twin sister of Mona Sax, and the wife of Mafia Don Angelo Punchinello.

Little is know about Lisa. According to Sax, her husband beats her. For this reason, her sister starts hunting Angelo, trying to find and kill him.

In 2001, Lisa Punchinello is found lying dead on a bed in the Punchinello manor by Max Payne, who invaded the building searching for Angelo Punchinello. At the time, Max is unsure as to whether it is her or her sister. Her corpse painfully reminds Payne about his own slain family.

Max Payne stands over the discovered body of Lisa Punchinello

A picture of Lisa with her sister (see above) can be found on a small tabletop opposite a TV in Mona Sax's apartment. Mona is on the right, in her usual eye-catching red leather jacket over dark clothing, while Lisa is on the left side, wearing a modest white top with a blue flower-patterned white skirt and sensible shoes.

Behind the scenes

The names of the two sisters, Mona and Lisa, are references the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa.