"...and the NYPD is currently in pursuit of Max Payne...Believed to be armed and extremely dangerous...". Kyra Silver reports."
―Kyra Silver

Kyra Silver is a radio and television news reporter.


She reports on Max Payne's progress via radio or television sets that Max can listen to/watch.

She interviews Police Chief Jim Bravura briefly as Bravura comments on the Max Payne situation.

She also broadcasts the weather occasionally.


Kyra makes a few brief TV appearances. She is first seen on TV speculating that Payne helped Mona Sax escape from police custody and stating that the police are conducting an investigation into Max's ties with Mona. Later, she broadcasts news that the injured Jim Bravura is in stable condition.

Behind the Scenes

  • Kyra Silver only appears in the graphic novel scenes or on TVs, but never in person.
  • She is one of the very few characters that survive the events of both games.
  • An interesting anagram of "Kyra Silver" can be finished as "Valkyr Rise", and, some say, "Valkyr Aesir", assuming that her name was suggested as "Kyra A. Silver".



"That was Police Chief Jim Bravura of the NYPD."
―Kyra finishing an interview.

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