Template:Infobox The Killer Suits are Nicole Horne's personal hitmen and bodyguards.


The Killer Suits are part of the security forces serving Aesir Corporation and take part in many missions ranging from VIP protection to assassination.

They are always wearing dark business suits with ties and white shirts.  Most of them wear sunglasses and sport earpieces with mouth microphones.  Some wear trenchcoats while discarding the earpiece and microphone.

They are probably the hardest type of enemy to beat as they are heavily armed, with Ingrams or Colt Commandos. Some even wield Jackhammers or M79s.

They share similar weapons to the Mercenaries, but what makes the Killer Suits harder is the fact that they have more precise aim and they are known to dive through the air, similar to Max. However, they don't shoot as they dive.


They were hired by Nicole Horne to protect Aesir Corporation and to kill its enemies. According to one of them, the job pays big time and they are very happy doing what they do.

Angel of Death

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They are first seen in Max Payne when they arrive at the Punchinello Manor to kill Angelo Punchinello and they attempt to kill Max too, but Max kills three of them and leaves Angelo's office where more are waiting for him and Max surrenders.

Nicole Horne is present and gives Max an overdose of Valkyr and they take Horne to Cold Steel.

The Deep Six

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They appear again during The Deep Six where they gun down a mercenary and begin the self destruct sequence, then Max arrives and kills them.

Backstabbing Bastard

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After Max's confrontation with B.B., the Killer Suits arrive to protect him. They try to prevent him from reaching the bottom floor, but fail.

The Killer Suits even drive a black van and perform multiple drive-bys on Max before it somehow catches on fire and blows up.

Max eventually reaches B.B. and many Killer Suits are armed with Jackhammers are protecting him. They are all killed and so is B.B.

In the Land of the Blind/Byzantine Power Game

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While Max is speaking with Alfred Woden and the Inner Circle members, the Killer Suits arrive and kill them all, except for Max, who jumps out the window and Woden who fakes his death.

Then the Suits and the Mercenaries search the Asgard Building for Max, but he shoots his way past many of them.

When Max reaches the exit, a Suit with a Jackhammer and two Suits with dual Ingrams along side three mercenaries have one final shoot-out with Max and lose.

Nothing to Lose/Pain and Suffering

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After Max breaks into the Aesir HQ in search of Nicole Horne, the Killer Suits are asigned to defend her and the building.

After Max and Mona's encounter, a Killer Suit shoots Mona in the head, but is then killed by Max.

Many Killer Suits and Aesir Security guards are killed by Max as he makes his way to the roof, where the last of them arrive, one of them carrying a M79, in one last attempt to kill Max but they lose and are wiped out.


  • The Killer Suits, particularly the ones in dark business suits and sunglasses, could be a reference to the Agents from the 1999 science-fiction-action film, The Matrix
  • Some Killer Suits are heard saying that they only kill as a regular 9 to 5 job and therefore show no loyalty to Aesir and kill only for money.
  • It is unlikely that "Killer Suits" are the official name for them. It is only what Max refers to them as.



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