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The Killer Suits are Nicole Horne's personal hitmen and bodyguards. The term is a nickname by Max Payne, as their official title is never referenced. They are also referred to as Killer Suits in the credits.


It is unknown when the Killer Suits were formed, but they were likely formed after 1995 after disbandment of Project Valhalla and Nicole's formation of Aesir Corporation. The faction is composed of highly trained special agents who have worked with other agencies such as the FBI or CIA or have significant combat experience. They are paid astronomically well with some of them liking the job due to being able to see a lot of action, unlike their previous work.

They served as Nicole's bodyguards, and were also dispatched by them to eliminate enemies and dispose of loose ends. It is unknown what actions they have done in the past but they are portrayed to be an elite and professional force not to be trifled with.

Actions in 2001[]

Since Nicole's hitman, Mona Sax, failed to kill Angelo Punchinello, the Killer Suits and Nicole herself went to the Punchinello manor by helicopter to personally kill the Mafia Don. With Max Payne killing Punchinello's bodyguards including the infamous Trio, the Killer Suits were able to enter the manor with ease. Three Killer Suits arrived at Punchinello's office and killed him but were killed by Max Payne who was at the scene.

Nicole and additional Killer Suits soon cornered Max Payne and Nicole personally injected Valkyr into his body and left him for dead. After setting the mansion on fire to eliminate evidence, Nicole then ordered the Killer Suits to take her to Cold Steel, the Valkyr factory where Project Valhalla was located.

The Killer Suits weren't present during Max's attack on Cold Steel except for two agents who remained behind to oversee Operation Dead Eyes. These two Killer Suits activate the factory's self-destruct in response to Max reaching Project Valhalla, then execute the Mercenary commander when he objects to blowing up the factory with his men still inside. However, they are killed by Max Payne immediately afterwards.

Killer Suits later helped BB, a corrupt DEA member and Aesir agent, to escape from Max Payne and tried to kill Max, but all the agents in the garage were killed including BB. They also joined the Mercenaries to kill the Inner Circle and Max Payne, but Alfred Woden, the head of the Inner Circle faked his death and Max Payne escaped Asgard Building while killing many Mercenaries and Killer Suits.

Last Stand in Aesir[]

The rest of the Killer Suits alongside Aesir security guards defended their HQ from Max Payne's rampage but were killed despite having high tech security in their building. As Max Payne killed his way to the top floor in order to reach Nicole, the rest of the Killer Suits attempted to stop him but failed, with their boss scolding them for being unable to kill just one man. Max wipes out the remaining Killer Suits, and then kills Nicole by dropping a radio mast onto the helicopter she was attempting to use to escape.

Equipment and Tactics[]

Killer Suits wear dark business suits, dark sunglasses, and earpieces. They speak with a deep, cold, professional tone and are primarily equipped with high-grade weaponry, with most carrying the Colt Commando assault rifle, and some occasionally wielding the Jackhammer auto shotgun. Some Killer Suits carry a Beretta 9mm, with which they have a much higher rate of fire than the untrained mobsters of the Punchinello Crime Family. Killer Suits are also occasionally equipped with Ingram machine pistols, Pump-Action Shotguns, and Desert Eagles. A few carry and throw Grenades. A single Killer Suit on the roof of the Aesir building is equipped with a M79 Grenade Launcher, and is among the final group of Killer Suits fought by Max. Killer Suits have very high durability, requiring about a dozen 9mm pistol shots or 6 assault rifle shots to kill, making them about twice as durable as Punchinello mobsters. They also have better aim than mobsters. Killer Suits are noticeably much more likely to use dodge rolls to attempt to evade Max's gunfire, doing so more often than any other enemy type.

A second type of Killer Suit appears on only two occasions, during Max's pursuit of BB in the parking garage, and in the second half of the attack on the Asgard building by Nicole's forces. Referred to by Max as BB's paid thugs, these enemies wear longcoats and appear to be slightly less well-equipped and trained compared to the regular Killer Suits, having the same combat dialogue as Punchinello's mobsters and being similarly equipped, carrying a mix of Beretta 9mm pistols, Desert Eagles, Ingram machine pistols, Sawed-off Shotguns, Pump-Action Shotguns, and the occasional Grenade. Unlike mobsters, they also sometimes carry Colt Commando assault rifles, three of them escorting BB carry Jackhammer auto shotguns, and one or two of them carry Sniper Rifles during the attack on the Asgard building. Like the regular Killer Suits, these longcoat-wearing enemies have higher durability and better aim compared to Punchinello mobsters.


  • The Killer Suits, particularly the ones in dark business suits and sunglasses, could be a reference to the Agents from the 1999 science-fiction-action film, The Matrix
  • Some Killer Suits are heard saying that they only kill as a regular 9 to 5 job and therefore show no loyalty to Aesir and kill only for money.
  • It is unlikely that "Killer Suits" are the official name for them. It is only what Max refers to them as.