Killer Rat Shot

A Killer Rat is shot

The Killer Rats is an easter egg found in the original Max Payne Part 1-Chapter 2: Live from the Crime Scene.

In the starting room of the chapter, there is a hole in the wall in front of you. A grenade needs to be thrown into the hole. One of those can be obtained by quickly killing an enemy thug who attempts to throw it later in the level. After the explosive detonates in the hole, an objective titled "I had declared a war against rats" will be added along with the main objective.

Continue along with the level until you get to the stair platform, close to where the unseen bomb detonates and shakes the walls. There, if you get close enough to the rats running around, they will equip themselves with either a Beretta or a Desert Eagle, and will start firing at you. The rats are pretty difficult to kill due to their small size. At times, the rats shoot at each other.


Through hacking for the PS2 disc version or cheating for the PC CD-ROM version, it's also possible to fire the M79 or throw a Molotov Cocktail into the hole. However, Max could get hurt if he's near the hole when the M79's fired and it's also difficult to aim and throw the Molotov at the hole.

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