Kaufman was the leader of Vlad's Squeaky Cleaning Company hitmen and commandos. He was refered to several times in the game, but his real name was never confirmed. Although many of the cleaners were wary of Kaufman and one cleaner warned another that he was "a bad mothfucker" in order to persuade him to follow Kaufman's orders. He was only seen once throughout the whole game in a skyscraper where Corcoran was located and only said six words. Shortly afterwards, Max engaged in a shootout with Kaufman and many of his cleaners. During the shootout, Kaufman is killed.


Kaufman is tad bit hard to defeat. He's accompanied with at least seven to 10 cleaners, so the wisest thing would be to take them all out first, especially since Kaufman is armed with Dual Ingrams. After you kill all of them, shoot through the glass until you see Kaufman. Take a few shots at him and hide to avoid incoming fire. Do this a couple of times and Kaufman will go down. Just be careful not to go overboard when playing on the hardest difficulty, as Kaufman will most likely kill you with a few shots.


"Find him, take care of him." -Max Pay 2: The Fall of Max Payne

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