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"Find him. Take care of him."
―Kaufman to his minions about Max Payne

Template:CharacterInfobox Kaufman is the leader of Vladimir Lem's Squeaky Cleaning Company hitmen and commandos. He is referred to several times in the game, but his real name is never confirmed. Many of the cleaners have a healthy respect for Kaufman and one cleaner warns another that he is "a bad motherfucker" in order to persuade him to follow Kaufman's orders. A sure fact that makes him imposing is his height, appearing to be 6'4 when he comes out the elevator to finish Max personally.


He is only seen once throughout the whole game in a skyscraper where Corcoran was located and only said six words. Shortly afterwards, Max Payne engaged him and many of his cleaners in a shootout. During the firefight, Kaufman is killed, though it is apparent that Kaufman is not the mastermind. It was revealed indirectly by Max in some spoken words that Kaufman was also in the warehouse where he heard gunshots, Elevator Doors, was one of the first Cleaners to escape and that he was the one who drove the black van which escaped with the remaining Cleaners and who almost hit Max.

Behind the scenes

Fight strategy

See The Million Dollar Question for more information.


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