The Kalashnikov is a standard assault rifle, fast and powerful, with little drawbacks. It makes its debut in Max Payne 2, as the primary weapon of Mike the Cowboy in Part I, Chapter 2: A Criminal Mastermind. It is absent from most of Part I, however ammo becomes abundant in Part II and III.


The Kalashnikov is the Max Payne version of the world-famous AK-47, and it is a very useful tool. Boasting a high rate of fire, high damage, good accuracy and an abundance of ammo, there is really no drawback for using it. and it reloads very quickly. The Kalashnikov is one of the two assault rifles available in Max Payne 2. The Kalashnikov is in many ways identical to the M4 Carbine, boasting identical firepower, fire rate, and ammo capacity. However, the M4 is slightly superior since it has perfect accuracy which the Kalashnikov lacks.

  • The Kalashnikov uses Kalashkinov Ammo.
  • A clip has 30 rounds. The player may carry up to 300 rounds. A rifle taken from the ground offers 15 rounds.

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