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"Just another day at the office, huh?"
―Max to Passos

Just Another Day at the Office is the third chapter in Max Payne 3. It also the first chapter that introduce another enemy faction: Cracha Preto.


Max is back in his apartment drunk more as he failed to save Fabiana. The Brancos and their bodyguards are at Fabrcias Branco to discuss the ransom by the Commando Sombra. They decide to accept their ransom at Galatians Stadium and head there by helicopter, Max and Passos meet with the CS who at gunpoint demanded the 3 million dollars money in exchange for Fabiana's safety. However, an unknown assailant interrupts the deal via sniper and shot many gangster dead and wounding Max's arm.

Max and Passos managed to head to the underground to avoid sniper fire, they retreat further until they reach an infirmary where Max ate some painkillers while Passos bandage his wound. Their objective is to guarantee the guy with the money to be safe or else Fabiana won't be returned. They either avoid or fight the CS panicked from the situation. They found one heavily bleeding gangster and Passos interrogate him about the sniper, but he died of blood loss and had to deal with his CS friends.

They head upstairs to find the money guy retreating and seeing a new group chasing the CS after the money. Max and Passos realized that the new group is more equipped than the Commando Sombras. They soon head their way to the commentary box where the sniper is located and fought or avoid the new group. They soon found the money guy with the new group chasing them, Passos stay behind to provide sniper fire while Max head down to eliminate the guys chasing the money guy.

Max fought more of these guys through the stadium and managed to eliminate another sniper. Max provide sniper fire for Passos who run out of ammo and heading for safety. Max decide to chase money guy while Passos head for the chopper for their escape. However, there is another sniper in the IT tower and Max force to retreat inside the stadium.

He head in the security room and use the camera to find Passos eavesdrop the new group managed to catch money guy. Passos reveal the new group are paramilitaries who are ex cops and work for right wing and that money guy reveal Fabiana is held in the Tiete hideout and plead for his life. However, he is executed and the money is stolen by the paramilitaries. Max and Passos failed their primary objective and only thing they have to do is escape.


Mission Failure[]

The mission will fail if Max:

  • Dies;
  • Shoots Passos;
  • Allows Passos to be found and killed;
  • Fails to shoot IT Tower sniper in time.

Special Fail Scenes[]

  • Failing to shoot thugs before they find Passos - Passos will be shot and executed by a thug.
  • Failing to shoot the IT Tower Sniper in Bullet Time - The IT Tower sniper will take out a grenade and blow himself and Max up.


  • PT92
  • Micro 9mm
  • M4 Super 90
  • MPK
  • M82A1


  • This in addition to Chapter 6, A Dame, A Dork, and A Drunk, is the only time the player can restart a checkpoint and not have Max receive full health.
  • This is the first chapter to feature the use of grenades by an enemy faction, and begin to be deployed against Max at checkpoint 11.
  • There is a small headline during the news shows that Aesir sales grew by 23%, indicating that the company survive despite Nicole's death or just an easter egg.
  • Lords and Ladies makes another appearance, along with the easter egg of the Curupira.
  • In two parts of the chapter, the player can decide to not shoot the enemies and let them go. The first opportunity to do this is after Passos helps Max with his wounds, and the second opportunity when they re-enter the stadium's interior to avoid a second snipers line of sight.
  • If the player doesn't manage to eliminate the final sniper fast enough, a cutscene shows that the sniper uses a grenade to blow himself and Max up, instead of using a more precision ballistic like a handgun, which can clearly seen holstered on his outfit; if he had used this weapon instead he could have avoided killing himself while still achieving his objective to kill Max.
  • During the sequence where Passos interrogates a CS thug, Max can kill the thug with no penalty. Alternatively, Max can walk away while Passos executes the thug. If Max fires a shot during the interrogation, the thug strangely dies while Passos expresses disappointment in Max.
  • Funny enough, if Max dives in front of Passos, the latter will have a set of different reactions to his odd behavior. This may even occur if the player dives through the door where a gunman is waiting atop a ramp.

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Obtainable Achievements/Trophies[]

DSC 0000012.jpg

The One Eyed Man Is King

Cover Passos With Perfect Aim

10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy


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