'Jim Bravura was Max's adversary in the first game, where Max was on the lam and Bravura was



In Max Payne, Bravura was the head of the NYPD. He is a minor character in the game, leading the police chase against Max (while never catching up to him). Towards the end of the last chapter, Max surrenders to Bravura's SWAT team willingly.

In Max Payne 2, Max now works for Bravura. He gives Max the assignment of tracking down Mona Sax. He is shown being a good boss, working well with both Winterson and Max. His portrayal as a sympathetic character is reversed in The Million Dollar Question, where he demotes Max to a desk job after the fiasco at the hotel. After Max escapes and is wounded by Winterson, Bravura confronts him in the hospital before being gunned down by a commando sent by Vlad to eliminate Max.

It is later revealed that he survives this encounter and was last heard of under treatment in stable condition.



Max "fights" Bravura only once, in a dream sequence in Part I, Chapter . In the dream, Bravura is equipped with a 9mm pistol; he cannot kill Max but will continue to fire until he is killed. Max is required to kill him (and Winterson) in order to wake up from his nightmare.


  • "This is Deputy Chief Jim Bravura! Come out with your hands above your head!"-Max Payne 1,
  • "What happened out there? You killed her!"-shortly before being gunned down.
  • "Bull....shit!"-shortly after being gunned down.


  • In the live comics, Bravura is shown swallowing painkillers. Like Max, he may be addicted to them.

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