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"This is Deputy Chief Jim Bravura! Come out with your hands above your head!"
―Jim Bravura

Jim Bravura is the Deputy Chief of the NYPD and, later, a Homicide unit lieutenant. A dedicated policeman, he has strict beliefs any cop should act within the law, often very much in contrast to the outlook of Max Payne.



At some point before 2001, Bravura joined to the NYPD, and has since then become the deputy chief of the department.

The hunt for Max Payne

In 2001, Jim Bravura has a position as the NYPD Deputy Chief and leads the police chase against Max Payne with much difficulty catching up to him. Eventually, after killing Nicole Horne atop the Aesir Plaza, the fugitive surrenders to Bravura's SWAT team willingly.


By 2003, an exonerated Max Payne now works as a detective for Bravura, who has demoted himself to Homicide lieutenant. Bravura debriefs Payne after his shootouts with the Cleaners in Annie Finn's warehouse and his apartment building.

He assigns Valerie Winterson with the case of the murdered Senator Gates in which Mona Sax is the prime suspect.

After Max Payne is caught working with the wanted fugitive Sax in an Upper East Side apartment shootout with more cleaner hitmen, he puts the detective to a desk job and demands a detailed report.

He is last seen in Memorial hospital attempting to find and interrogate the admitted-as-a-patient Payne about the death of Winterson when an Ingram-wielding commando, sent to eliminate Max, guns the lieutenant down. When Payne finds the security room, he can see Bravura being operated on via the surveillance camera. Payne remarks that Bravura is 'too stubborn to die'.

Later that night, in Senator Alfred Woden's office at his manor, Payne can turn on the television and see Kyra Silver's NYNN news report which says that Bravura is in a stable condition.

In Max Payne's dreams

Jim Bravura appears in Max Payne's nightmares. Payne "fights" Bravura once in a dream: equipped with a 9mm pistol, he and Winterson fire at Payne but are both killed by him.


According to fellow police officers, Bravura routinely demotes himself in order to stay closer to police officers involved in action.

He is a former alcoholic and suffers from insomnia. Bravura is also seen swallowing painkillers routinelly under stress, akin to Max Payne, and may be addicted to them.

Behind the scenes

Bravura, along with Max Payne is one of only two main characters that survive the events of both games. He, however, does not appear in the third game.



"This is deputy chief Jim Bravura from the NYPD. You are to cease your criminal activites and surrender immediately."
―To Max Payne
"What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all?"
―To Max Payne
"What happened out there? You killed her!"
―To Max Payne, speaking about Valerie Winterson's death
―Bravura's last words before passing out after being gunned down


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