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James McCaffrey is an Irish American voice actor who is best known for voice acting Max Payne, the primary protagonist of the game series with the same name; He voiced the main character in the first two games of the series, Max Payne and Max Payne 2. McCaffrey returned to his role in Max Payne 3, not only for the voiceover but also as the performer of Payne through the use of motion capture.

McCaffrey had a cameo role in the notorious Max Payne film as the FBI special agent Jack Taliente, who Jim Bravura (Ludacris) refers to as a "real police officer."

Other roles

James McCaffrey has a recurring role on the American drama television series Rescue Me as Jimmy Keefe. He also voiced the character Thomas Zane in the Remedy game Alan Wake. He is currently cast as Zachariah Trench in the upcoming Remedy game Control.

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