"My father never wasted time with television. He was too busy majoring in telling other people how to live...and minoring in hypocrisy. He was a family guy--when it suited him."
―Max Payne describes his father.

Jack Payne (1941 – 1979) was an American soldier and a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was the husband of Helen Payne with whom he sired Max Payne.

Biography[edit | edit source]

War experience and family life[edit | edit source]

In his youth, Jack served during the Vietnam War, which left him with major psychological problems once he returned to his country, suffering from anger issues and constant nightmares. He became an alcoholic who would often let his anger out on Helen.

Much against Helen's will, Jack wanted to teach Max not to fear death, to be tough, a lesson he learned when he was "ambushed during Tet".[1]

Later life and death[edit | edit source]

By 1976 Jack was cheating on Helen with a woman called Cheryl and Helen died the same year from unknown circumstances. The night after Helen's funeral, Jack and Cheryl were drinking together in the Payne residence's kitchen, before being confronted by Max holding a revolver replica, bitter and disappointed at his father.

Three years after the incident, in 1979, Jack died; he was buried next to his wife.

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