The IMG 5.56 is a weapon featured in Max Payne 3. It is an all-purpose assault rifle designed for the purpose of taking out a large number of enemies within a reasonable distance.

This weapon is in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer and can only be accessible via Painful Memories DLC pack.


It based on IMI Galil. With a standard issue magazine of 45 rounds and a burst fire modification giving it the accuracy to outshoot an AK-47, this substantial powerhouse will allow you to juggernaut through the competition. In use by military and police forces in a multitude of countries around the world, the IMG 5.56 is a no-brainer upgrade for your current Assault Rifle Loadout.


In the Max Payne 3 multiplayer, this weapon is capable of being upgraded with new attachments. Here is a list of the obtainable attachments:


  • Suppressor


  • Gas Block
  • Gas Systems Kit


  • Mag Guide


  • Gold Plating (Rank 10)
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