Hoboken is a city in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. It is possibly located near the Payne Residence .

By 2012, Max Payne resides in an apartment in the city.

That year, while "drunk on self-pity" at Walton's Bar, Max kills Anthony DeMarco's son after witnessing him strike a woman. His father sends hitmen after Max, but Max and Raul Passos successfully escape Hoboken and head to São Paulo, Brazil.

Hoboken in Max Payne consists of mid-ruse run-down or abandoned tenement buildings.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the comic "After the Fall", Max Payne is shown to take a bus from Hoboken to the Golgotha Cemetery. However, it is unknown if the graveyard is located within the limits of the city or somewhere outsite of it.
  • Assuming Michelle and Rose Payne were buried in the mentioned cemetery because it was in close proximity to the Payne Residence , the 1998 Payne family home could also be located close to or in Hoboken.


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