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"My mother was a dreamer. Her father, who I adored, taught ancient literature at college. Both of them lived in a world of myth. They read and talked and dreamed of a better, truer world."
―Max Payne describes his mother and grandfather.

Helen Payne (1944 – 1976) was the wife of Jack Payne and the mother of Max Payne.


Early life[]

Helen was against Jack's attempts to toughen-up their son Max. She was often beaten by Jack when he had his anger issues and she later started to heavily drink alcohol to manage the stress.

Her father, who Max adored, was teaching ancient literature, which they would often discuss, "dreaming of a better truer world".


Helen died early, when she was only around 32 years of age. The causes of her death are unknown. It was assumed, however, that her husband's violence and infidelity were to blame for bringing her to an early grave. Her death caused Max much grief.