The traditional pull-the-pin-and-watch-the-explosion weapon, the Grenade can be as useless or as effective as you make it.


Grenades. There isn't a lot to say about them, since they are so well known and used. Either way, grenades are used mainly to cause some serious mayhem with groups of enemies, or even single enemies. They are usually fatal, depending on the proximity of the victims, and they are put to best use in clearing a group of enemies to easier-to-handle numbers. The grenade will explode a few seconds after the pin is pulled, so you'll have some time to aim them, and to get out of the way!  The grenade is the only weapon in the game that can be thrown around corners, making them a powerful way to greet unseen enemies huddled in a room; also, taking advantage of their delayed fuse tossing a couple at enemy spawn points can prevent getting overwhelmed. This is especially important in the chapter Dearest of All my Friends.

In Max Payne 1, grenades are some of the most powerful weapons in the game; also, the AI do not take cover when they see a grenade thrown at them.

In Max Payne 2, grenades are not quite as powerful, and the AI will now run for cover when they detect a grenade; however, a direct throw that hits them will cause them to flinch and the grenade will always go off before they have time to recover.


  • Grenades are a Secondary Weapon.
  • Grenades can be thrown while zoomed in with a scope. The aiming can be disorienting at first but with practice throwing grenades to flush enemies out of hiding spots can be invaluable when used in conjunction with a sniper rifle.

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