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The Golgotha Cemetery is a cemetery located in North Bergen, New Jersey (according to Max Payne 3).

In 1998, Michelle and Rose Payne were laid to rest in this graveyard.

In winter of 2012, Max Payne visits the Golgotha Cemetery by taking a bus ride to the location. Once he sees his family's grave, he breaks down in grief. To drown his pain, he heads from the burial site to Walton's Bar to get drunk.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Max Payne 3 multiplayer map Cemetery is based on the Golgotha Cemetery.
  • In the comic "After the Fall", Max Payne's parents' funeral and tombstones are depicted but it is not specified if they themselves were buried in the Golgotha Cemetery.
  • The remains of Valerie Winterson, Nicole Horne and Vinnie Gognitti were also laid to rest in this cemetery. Examining them will count as evidence.
  • The opening cutscene for "Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise" states that the cemetery is located in North Bergen, New Jersey however in a later cutscene while on the phone to an unknown person, Raul Passos says that the cemetery is in Hoboken.
  • Given the geography and where the events of the first two games took place, it's unlikely that all presented characters from the previous games (with the exception of Michelle and Rose Payne) would have been buried in a cemetery in New Jersey due to the previous games being in New York, with no mention of New Jersey as the homes of these characters.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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