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"A Taste of Gold"

A billboard ad of Gold Touch Brandy

Gold Touch Brandy is an alcoholic beverage. It has been for sale since at least the 1970s. Billboards and TV commercials advertising it can be seen in New York City in 2003.

Advertising style[]

The advertisements of Gold Touch Brandy use a woman model posing is a yellow leather jacket with a brown blouse and black pants, imitating the colors of the bottle of the drink, the picture followed by written or spoken tagline of the brandy: "A Taste of Gold."

Significance to Max Payne[]

Max Payne, during his 2003 Cleaner Case becomes infatuated with Mona Sax and begins imagining her appearing in parts of the environment surrounding him; one such vision is Sax replacing the advertisements' model and appearing in the billboard ad.

In one of Max Payne's nightmares, he imagines himself posing in one such brandy advertisement, but the drink has now been titled "Sadim ("Midas" written in reverse order) Brandy." Midas, in Greek mythology, was a famous king who turned everything he touched to gold. However, one time, Midas touched his own daughter and turned her into a gold statue, forever losing his loved one.

Another possible interpretation: since Payne would see his mother Helen drink Gold Touch Brandy when he was a child[1], the drink, to him, could be a painful reminder of a lost loved one. The vision of Mona now advertising the brandy could represent the detective's worries he could lose her, just as he lost his mother.