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Gang Wars is organized in Chapters. Each chapters has 5 rounds.

Gang Wars takes key events from the single player story and uses them as jump-off points for multiplayer matches with shifting objectives, all linked by a shared story thread.


Gang Wars consists of 5 rounds, to make up a match. Each round is different, with a different objective to complete, but may appear again the same match from time to time. Each objective forms part of a larger branching story arc that willchange dynamically based on the outcome in each round. There are 12 different rounds:


All out warfare as gangs battle for supremacy. A gang must get more kills that the other in a certain amount of time in order to win.


The gangs battle to the death, their strength dependant on the previous rounds.


A Showdown style round but each gang has limited lives. The amount of lives depends on the amount of rounds won in previously.


Take down a designated target. Meaning that one gang gets a player who is a target to the other team. In order to win this round, the target must be eliminated.

Last ManEdit

Each gang has only one life to fight to the death. The team that gets wiped out first, loses.

Short FuseEdit

One gang must arm one of two bombs while the other gang tries to protect and/or disarm the bomb from destruction and loss of a round.


Both gangs must compete to collect and deliver their team's bags to a single drop-off point.


Both gangs fight over capturing two bags and delivering them to a drop-off point. The team with the most captures, wins.

Turf GrabEdit

Both gangs battle for an important piece of turf. The team that stays in the turf the longest, wins.

Total TurfEdit

Gangs fight to control multiple territories.


With their back to the wall, one gang must hold onto 3 territories, one after the other.


One gang flees for their life as they're mercilessly hunted down.




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