Funny as Hell is the second sub-chapter of the Part III Prologue in the PS2 version of Max Payne.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Upon going through a door, Max finds himself in a room very similar to Punchinello's office, but the perimeter of the room is on fire. He sees a letter on the desk, and it reads "You are in a graphic novel." After reading the letter, he answers a nearby ringing phone and hears a familiar voice speaking nonsensically. Going into the next room, Max is once again in the fiery office, with another letter and ringing phone on the desk.

Reading the letter, Max discovers that he is also in a computer game, reflecting on the various abilities and weapons that he possesses. Answering the phone, Max hears the same familiar voice, telling him that he's been drugged and how he needs to wake up. Through the next door, Max is seemingly back in the dream version of his house and continues exploring, climbing stairs and walking through familiar, yet distorted rooms. After going through an upstairs room and into a long corridor, the next sub-chapter, The Killer Was Smiling, begins.

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Video Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Max Payne Walkthrough (PS2) A Vortex of Green Blood Level 17

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