Frankie Niagra was a hitman/torturer working under Angelo Punchinello. Frankie is a big fan of Captain Baseball Bat Boy, alluding to his favorite mode of killing: bludgeoning people to death with his baseball bat.

Frankie "The Bat" Niagra


After Mona drugs Max with her Valkyr-spiked drink, Frankie and his men come across Max while looking for Lupino. Frankie takes Max back to the hotel for proper disposal; however, he soon gets thirsty and leaves to get a drink at the bar. Max manages to escape from his confinement, and (using Frankie's baseball bat) defeats Frankie's men and encounters Frankie at the bar. After a brief shootout, Max kills Frankie and leaves to deal with Punchinello.


Max fights Frankie when he meets him at the bar. First, take out all of Frankie's thugs by funneling them out of the bar room because Frankie will not leave the room. After his thugs are dead, focus on Niagra. Frankie himself is an extremely dangerous boss, sporting dual ingrams and a high amount of hitpoints. He can kill Max in less than a second. Dual Ingrams work well against him; tackle him either when he is caught reloading or strafe while fighting him.


"Max Payne, I envy your name. Pleased to meet you. I'm Frankie 'The Bat' Niagra"-first words to Max

"Christ, how'd you get loose? Fine by me. This works out just as well."-upon discovering Max had escaped.


  • His nickname "The Bat" comes from the fact that he usually kills people by bludgeoning them to death with his baseball bat.
  • Max joked about his last name, saying he got it because he cried a lot.
  • It wasn't confirmed how Frankie and his men came to be at Lupino's nightclub. It is possible that Punchinello sent Frankie to whack Lupino for disobeying Punchinello's orders, as is hinted at the ripped up letter on Lupino's couch.
  • Frankie loves cartoon violence, as observed by Captain Baseball Bat Boy comic stripes.
  • Frankie shares many similarities with Rico Muerte. They both wear white shirts and weild Ingrams, and are both slightly rotound; they are both met and killed in the same room, the bar.
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