Frankie Niagra was a hitman for Angelo Punchinello. He killing his captives with his baseball bat. He is a fan of Captain Baseball Bat Boy (as Vinnie Gognitti mention in Max Payne 2 : ˝Frankie was into that stuff, he was a fu****g top guy˝)

Frankie "The Bat" Niagra


First, take out all of Frankie's thugs (preferably with a shotgun) then focus on Niagra. Dual Ingrams work well against him.


"Max Payne, I envy your name. Pleased to meet you. I'm Frankie 'The Bat' Niagra"-first words to Max

"Christ, how'd you get loose? Fine by me. This works out just as well."-upon discovering Max had escaped.


  • His nickname "The Bat" comes from the fact that he usually kills people by bludgeoning them to death with his baseball bat.
  • Max joked about his last name, saying he got it because he cried a lot.
  • Frankie loves cartoon violence, as observed by Captain Baseball Bat Boy comic stripes.
  • Frankie is killed and met in the same room as Rico Muerte
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