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Filhos de Ogum (English: Children of Ogum) is a street gang based in São Paulo in Max Payne 3. It is likely that they operate in Nova Esperança due to their gang graffiti being present within the favela. The gang is also featured in game as a multiplayer faction added as part of the Hostage Negotiation DLC Pack.

The small gang is first seen when Max makes his way into Nova Esperança, with Filhos de Ogum graffiti being present around the strip club. They are seen throughout the level until Max encounters a Tropa Z graffiti tag, entering their territory.

Their appearance in the game's story mode is the same as Tropa Z faction in multiplayer, while Tropa Z in the story mode appear like Filhos de Ogum faction in multiplayer.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In real life Ogum is one of the gods of Candomblé, a religion common in Africa. It is quite possible that the gang members are followers of this religion.

Rockstar Games stated that (in addition to the Comando Sombra and the Tropa Z) the gang is "another lethal part of the ongoing gang wars, whose signature yellow bubble-letters-and-skull tag can be seen throughout the favelas".

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