Template:InfoboxStill looking for Jack Lupino, Max takes a junkie hostage to get into the laundrette, so that he can use the elevator to reach the top floor.

Max makes his way across rooftops until he gets to Lupino's place, but finds Vinnie Gognitti inside. Max shoots Gognitti, who manages to escape. Max then chases him until Vinnie jumps onto the roof of a train and Max follows on the next one, which leads to the next level: Police Brutality.


On the PS2/Xbox version, this level is divided up into four levels: The Alternate Route, A One Man War, A Citywide APB and Fear That Gives Men Wings

Enemies Encountered


  • A Junkie (betrayal)


  • At the top of the elevator, Max enters an apartment with an Ingram on the kitchen counter and a mobster in the bathroom. This is a referance to the movie Pulp Fiction.
  • After jumping through the first window, turn left and the furthest window can be shot through and entered. Inside is some Pump-Action Shotguns and some ammo.
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